Superior Portage Pads

If you are portaging without a set of Superior Portage Pads, then the yokes on you!

Our Story!


are made right here in Superior, Wisconsin in the good ole' USA, and sold wholesale to various outfitters, sporting good stores, and more, throughout the United States.

Superior Portage Pads are great for anyone that enjoys a nice easy portage without the pain at the end.  They are also great for those who do canoe rental and own multiple canoes or those who do guided canoe trips and would like comfort in portaging and well they are just great for anyone!

On the Following page you will find out where to buy the best portage pads for your money, and comfort.


are made by  Rick Goodell and Tina Plunkett of Superior, WI.  We are veteran owned small business.  We believe in quality product and quality service!

One by one they are made specially for all our outfitters, and stores, each pad is inspected before being shipped to our customers.

Our customers are number one, so please when you need the best pad for the money buy your "SUPERIOR PORTAGE PADS", at the fine businesses that carry our pads.  Once you try a set of these superior portage pads on your canoe, you will never want to portage without a set ever again.

For wholesale information, and pricing please e-mail us,

we do carry several different sizes bolt spacing and have them in both vinyl and cordura